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Twitch streamer BadBunny under attack for saying her life is more valuable than her viewers


Twitch streamer Nicole “BadBunny” announced in a live stream on twitch that her life is more valuable than the lives of those who watch her. BadBunny is a political streamer who claims to have “escaped the alt-right pipeline.” Her controversial content revolves around educating others about leftist politics and current events.

The scene took place on May 11, when a viewer said they “respected her” and “everything she offers.”Even with the gentle statement in her favor, BadBunny ignored them for not subscribing to her channel so she can have $5 a month for each subscription. “Then give me f**king money!” she yelled. “That’s the way that I register your respect. Do you understand?”

After stating that she would start ignoring her viewers kind words, BadBunny went on and on about how her life was worth more than theirs: “My value is so much more than all of your values put together. Everyone in this chat,” she added: “I know every life has value, but like, my life is far more valuable.”. After that she finishes her wild statements but saying: “The fact that you don’t even acknowledge this really disgusts me.”

BadBunny threw some physical appearance shaming statements also, when she put the chat not recognizing her value in the same level of a “super ugly dude” asking an attractive woman on a date. the she said in a very rude way: “You think we’re on the same level. That’s insulting. And the fact that you think, chatters, that you are on the same level of value as I am, is to be quite frank, insulting.”

Once again, BadBunny’s controversial statements surfaces after a similar incident happened just a few months ago, when she demanded her followers on twitch to subscribe to her. As a consequence, she was slammed for publicly trying to force followers into paying for her bad content.

Keemstar, owner of Youtube show “DRAMAALERT” tweeted about the incident, which caused it to go viral in the first place, which resulted in massive replies criticizing BadBunny for what she said.

Svennoss, a twitch streamer told keemstar: “This is literally all they want mate, exposure. which you’re giving em even though it’s below average acting how they somehow manage to pull any viewers i have no clue.” which was true given that this tweet is the cause of the incident going viral.

Another user agreed with Svennos and said: “At this point I think streamers are doing this on purpose for exposure”

A Youtuber named “Sharp” talked about a previous controversy caused by BadBunny: “this is the girl who complained about not getting a sub for a time period and said shes not working for free. I hope she is just trying to play into it now cause this clip is sad”.

Another interesting reply, tweeted by “Dva Lover” a female twitch streamer this time, who talked in a woman streamer’s point of view: “Streamers like this, don’t deserve fans or attention it makes women streamers like me look like trash and I can speak on every women stream, we don’t want her, acting, fake or not”.

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