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NELK Boys arrested while shooting a prank video


Many members of NELK BOYS, a group of Youtube pranksters got arrested in Mississippi while shooting a prank video. The arrests included four cameramen and three members of the squad.

Jesse Sebastiani, a member and co-founder of the group, posted an instagram story explaining the situation, and revealing that many of popular members of the group got arrested.

Jesse said: “Alright boys, I got some sh***y news. We were on our way to Tampa, Florida and we were shooting a video on our way there, and the boys all ended up getting arrested”, then he added: “We’re on our way to the police station right now, gave the lawyer a call, we’re going to try and get them out. I’ll give you guys an update when I know what’s going on next” he added.

in the middle of his stories, Jesse mentions that the arrested members were Kyle Forgeard, Steve Deleonardis and Salim “salimthedream”.

a #FREENELK hashtag was trending on twitter with more than 4200 tweets. A few hours after, NELK BOYS got released on bond, and shared a video on twitter with the caption:”The boys are bonded out”.

According to Keemstar, owner of “DRAMA ALERT”, NELK BOYS were arrested after filming a fake employee video on TARGET, which caused them to be banned in every TARGET store in the world.

The famous pranksters had announced in a Youtube video on May 12 that they were going on a road trip to Arizona, Texas and Florida, while planning pranks to some unexpected social media influencers. Their first prank was performed on famous TikTok stars Taylor Holder and Bryce Hall, who have been fake arrested for hosting underage girls.

Relevant part starts at minute 2:00


The group have been known for pushing limits too far, which made them become popular and gain 4.7 million subscribers on Youtube alone. but also made them gain some trouble with law enforcement.

NELK BOYS journey on Youtube wasn’t the easiest for sure, as several of their pranks got demonetised or removed for infringement of Youtube guidelines.

Back in January 2015, NELK BOYS pranked police in a Youtube Video named “Coke Prank on Cops”, in which they made some police officers think that they had cocaine on the trunk of their car, causing the police to put them in handcuffs only to discover that they were talking about Coca-cola. Things were fine until May 2016, the video turned into controversy and the situation resulted in NELK BOYS receiving a warning from LAPD, who released a statement reminding the group that the prank was illegal and informed the public about consequences of repeating this prank on police.

In August 2016, their trip to Russia, a part of a challenge named “Spin the globe challenge” was canceled after public authorities were notified of a felony record on Steve Deleonardis. In the next month, the group had an incident, this time with Irish public authorities, when they organized a meetup with their fans in a public park only to get out of control and cause chaos.

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