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Logan Paul is Slammed for “FREE” Pandemic face masks

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Logan Paul, in an attempt to help others during CoronaVirus pandemic, has decided to give away, in a first batch, 30 000 Maverick Pandemic face Masks, along with donating $1000 to 10 people who order the free mask.

The 30 000 face masks were sold out on the same day of lunch leaving Logan Paul amazed by how quickly he runs out of initial supply.

The 25 years old Youtuber/Vlogger has been the center of many controversies in recent years, however, he managed to save his career and come back to the youtube platform stronger than ever. By giving back to others and maintaining a low profile when it comes to drama. But some fans are not buying this whole giving away gesture due to the high cost of shipping fees which is $7 for a piece of cotton face mask.

We wanted to investigate this allegation further so after a little bit of research on google, we found an article on (a platform that helps you establish your online store). Talking about a “FREE PLUS SHIPPING METHOD” that is known to be practiced by e-commerces.

The article explained: “A free plus shipping business is an e-commerce store which sells products for $0.00, and only charges customers the shipping fees.” Andrew Roach, the author of the article said: “If a regular e-commerce store is going to sell a product for $5, they will likely add an additional $2.50 for shipping. On the other hand, a free plus shipping store will simply sell the product for free, but increase the shipping fees to $7.50. This means that both e-commerce businesses generated $7.50 in revenue.”

Another article of Entrepreneur Magazine is talking about “How to Make Big Bucks While Selling Your Products for Free, Use a free plus shipping funnel to generate brand loyalty and create revenue.” the author of the article explains why this method is so successful: “It’s simple: Consumers have a hard time turning down something for free.”

So the method does exist in the world of entrepreneurs for quite some time, as both articles were dated respectively on 2018 and 2017, but even if Logan Paul just recovered the cost of manufacture plus shipping fees, he has now a database of 30 000 buyers with fresh emails and credit cards ready to use, waiting for him to pitch another product in their inboxes, so he still got something out of the good gesture.

Many YouTubers commented on the scam allegations and reported it, including Keemstar in his youtube platform “DRAMA ALERT”, he went sarcastically all in on Logan Paul, explaining how shipping cost works.

For those who don’t have a clear picture of what is happening with the world these days. Over 3,800,000 people have been affected by CoronaVirus (COVID-19) resulting in more than 265,000 deaths. The world health organization (WHO) have called for “social distancing” and lockdown to prevent further spreading of the virus. which is defined as “trying to keep yourself away from other people, especially large crowds.” As a result of these preventive measures, many events, concerts, award shows, conventions, and festivals have been canceled, including all sports games. People are advised to stay at home and isolate themselves during this time.

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