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H3H3 Hesitates to call PewDiePie “a friend” and explains why

H3H3 and PewDiePie

At the 10th minute of his Youtube Podcast called “H3 Podcast”, Ethan Klein started talking about recent exclusive deal of youtube. In which they signed the biggest individual Youtuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg for an exclusive live streaming.

Podcast about PewDiePie starting at 10:11

Ethan began by describing this exclusive deal as a reconciliation between Youtube and Felix. Which started taking place when he made his return to Youtube Rewind after 2 years of absence.

H3H3 then jumped to criticise media outlets such as Forbes magazine and The Washington Post, for breaking the news while reminding their readers of PewDiePie’s past racist controversies. Which got him in bad blood with Youtube in the first place.

Right after that, Ethan went to congratulate PewDiePie for the deal but stopped: “So congratulations to my…my uh.. What is PewDiePie? he’s uh… I hesitate to call him… i mean, To my good dude PewDiePie on his exclusive streaming deal!” another co-host of the podcast interrupted Ethan: “You can’t call him a friend?”.

Ethan then justified his hesitation to call Felix “a friend” to the fact that he can call him a friend, but they don’t talk that much, only occasionally. But they are still “friendly” and he dosen”t want to overstate his closeness with PewDiePie. Since it’s is a necessity to be in regular contact with a person in order to call him a friend. With those words H3H3 put an end to the rumors of beef between the two, which circulated between fans.

The first appearance of Ethan and Felix was on the second episode of H3 Podcast on 27th of December 2016. When PewDiePie finished shooting the second season of “Scare PewDiePie”. In Which Felix was a guest on the podcast.

But since their collaboration on a Youtube video in 8th of February 2017, the Youtubers stopped appearing and making content together

On the 5th of May, PewDiePie hit 10 years of Youtube and as a celebration he reacted to a compilation of videos from 2010 to 2020. Ethan and Hila were featured in the 2017 video.

Compilation part about Ethan starts at 11:31

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