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Shane Dawson made his fans furious at ignoring social distancing.

Shane dawson and trisha paytas

Trisha Paytas the famous american media personality / Youtuber celebrated her birthday at 8th of May, 2020. That’s when, Shane Dawson, another big fellow Youtuber along with his fiancé Ryland Adams paid her a visit bringing loads of gifts.

In a photo showing the three, they all seemed to respect social distancing, by standing six feet apart from each other. Along with wearing face masks, just like the CDC instructs people.

Trisha Paytas wrote in the, now deleted, tweet caption: “I got a surprise while staying 6 feet apart party of a lifetime tonight”. She also added: “Shane + Ryland’s unconditional love and support is what family is all about. Thank you guys for being so thoughtful. This was the best birthday to date HANDS DOWN!!!” that’s when Shane Dawson replied with five heart emojis.

After his reply, Shane’s fans went furious at him for “not setting a good example on social distancing”, along with wondering if they really respected the six feet apart rule off camera.

“Not to be the person but I’m gonna be, How is this setting a good example of social distancing?” a fan proceeded to say: ” I mean, there are more and more COVID cases each and every day and you still throw caution to the wind. For a birthday party? … Come on. This is not it.”

Another fan tweeted: “Shane doesn’t even look 6 feet away from Trisha anyways :emojifaces: this entire picture with the corny pose and attempts at joking about keeping 6 feet apart is just cringe and lame anyways”.

While a fan called Shane Dawson out for previous fear of coronavirus tweeted: “Shane you better not be deleting ur tweets on thinking u might have the virus and how constantly ur sick. And then advocate tht going inside ur friends home is okay now during this virus.”

This last fan was talking about the fear of coronavirus spread, that was expressed by Shane Dawson in a previous Instagram story when he said: “I made a joke about the coronavirus in the last video, we filmed that weeks ago, and even just two days ago, everything felt different. So today I woke up feeling really weird and paranoid, really anxious, I’m sure you’ve seen the news, it’s really scary right now.”

He then reassured his fans and said: ” I just want to say if you’re paranoid and anxious and freaking out, it’s okay, i am too and i feel like it’s kind of like, if you start freaking out, people around you are like, ‘Calm down.’ Like it’s still real, it’s still happening. You can be anxious about it, I am. You don’t have to pretend to be like ‘Oh it’s a joke, it’s all funny.’ No.” Shane Dawson went to say: “real people are being affected by this, we could all be affected by this, we all are affected by this in a lot of ways already.”

The Youtuber of the year award winner added: “I’m just looking into everything and trying to be educated about it, I feel weird, I’ve already been in a weird creative place, and just in a weird place mentally for a few months but right now it’s like I can’t think about anything, it’s all I’m thinking about. ‘If I’m quiet on the internet for a while, it’s just because I’m spiraling but maybe you are too, and maybe we’re spiraling together and that’s a nice thought.”

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